Matukituki -- West Branch   

This spectacular valley is about one hour from Wanaka.

Walk Time Refs Comments
a Car park to the Rob Roy valley 3h return MN p.83
Tourist track photos
b Car park to the Aspiring Hut 2h MN p.77
1 hr by bike on farm track photos
c Aspiring Hut to Pearl Flat 2h MN p.78 easy track photos
d Pearl Flat to the head of the valley 6h return MN p.80 good track to open area photos
e Pearl flat to Liverpool bivvy and beyond 2.5h to hut MN p.81 steep track, exposed photos
f Pearl flat to French ridge hut 3.5h to hut MN p.81 steep track photos
g Aspiring Hut to Cascade saddle and beyond 4h to pylon MN p.82 steep track to pylon photos
MN = Moir's Guide North (available from DOC).
Blue text and thumbnails are links

a. Rob Roy valley

NZ2193 NZ2202 NZ2204 NZ2210 NZ2215 NZ2216
W Matukituki Rob Roy Peak Waterfall Rob Roy stream Cataracts Rob Roy Peak

b. To Aspiring hut

NZ1935 NZ1392 NZ1937
From road Matukituki Governer's ridge

c. Aspiring hut to Pearl flat

NZ1942 NZ1944 NZ1433 NZ1946
Islington Cascade Saddle Cascade Saddle Waterfall
NZ1432 NZ1430 NZ1428 NZ1395
Shovel Flat Shovel Flat Shovel Flat Shovel Flat

d. Pearl flat to the head of the valley

NZ1410 NZ1425 NZ1421 NZ1418 NZ1416 NZ1417 NZ1960
Mist below Valley head Valley head Down valley Ugly gulley Down valley Head of valley

e. Pearl flat to the Liverpool bivvy and beyond

NZ1398 NZ1402 NZ1401 NZ1403 NZ1404 NZ1961
Aspiring Liverpool bivvy Arawata saddle Arawata saddle Mt Barff Arawata saddle

f. Pearl flat to French ridge

NZ1947 NZ1951 NZ1954
Sunrise Gloomy gorge Rob Roy
NZ1955 NZ1956 NZ1957
French Quarterdeck Avalanche

g. Aspiring hut to the Cascade saddle (to the Dart and Rees, see here)

NZ0297 NZ0853 NZ0855 NZ0861 NZ0868
Aspiring Matukituki Aspiring Matukituki Mt Maori
NZ0872 NZ0874 NZ0876 NZ0890 NZ0897
Kea Heads Leap Kea Matukituki Aspiring
For the Matukituki to Dart (Cascade Saddle) and Rees, see here.

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