Matukituki to Dart (Cascade Saddle) and Rees   

A great tramp from the Matukituki Valley over the Cascade Saddle to the Dart Valley, and then over the Rees Saddle to the Rees Valley. The crossing of Cascade Saddle should only be attempted in good conditions --- the climb from the Matukituki is steep, and can be treacherous with snow, and there are creek crossings before reaching the Dart hut that can be difficult with rain and melting snow. MAP

Time Total Refs Comments
Car Park to Aspiring Hut 2 hours 2 hours MN p.88 Farm road
Aspiring Hut to Dart Hut 10.5 hours 12.5 hours MN p.93 Steep track/marked route
Dart hut to Shelter Rock hut 5 hours 17.5 hours MN p.49 Good track (sometimes snowy)
Shelter Rock hut to Muddy creek 6 hours 23.5 hours MN p.55 Good track, boggy in places
MN = Moir's Guide North (2013) (available from DOC).
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To Aspiring hut

NZ1935 NZ1392 NZ1937
From road Matukituki Governer's ridge

Aspiring hut to the Cascade Saddle and the Dart Valley

NZ3238 NZ3239 NZ3240 NZ3244 NZ3249 NZ3251
Matukituki Aspiring Matukituki Waterfall Aspiring Mt Maori
NZ3254 NZ3256 NZ3257 NZ3054 NZ3055 NZ3260
From tent Cascade Saddle Abyss Cataract Mt Edward Dart

Dart Valley to the Rees Valley

NZ3061 NZ3063 NZ3067 NZ3071 NZ3266
Rees saddle Tarn Down Rees From campsite From campsite
NZ3072 NZ3108 NZ3110 NZ3075
Side stream Earnslaw Rees Rees

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