Photos of the New Zealand Mountains - J.S. Milne

Follow animal trails through the bluffs. Moir's Guide Book

Nelson Mountains
 •  Walks near Golden Bay
 •  Motueka River Valley
 •  Nelson Lakes

Hinapouri Tarn
 •  2004/2005  •  2005/2006
 •  2006/2007  •  2007/2008
 •  2008/2009  •  2009/2010
 •  2010/2011  •  2011/2012
 •  2012/2013  •  2013/2014
 •  2014/2015  •  2015

Fork Hut, Huxley
Haast/West Coast
 •  Brewster Hut and Mt. Armstrong
 •  Copland Valley
 •  Mount Fox
 •  Walks

Kea on Mt Fox
Canterbury Mountains
 •  Arthur's Pass
 •  Aoraki/Mt Cook
 •  Huxley Valley
 •  Mount Somers
 •  Temple Stream

Footstool in winter
Wakatipu area
 •  Day Tramps at Head
Mount Alfred; Sugar Loaf Peak; Scott Creek; Glacier Burn; Kea Basin; Lake Rere; ...
 •  Multi-day Tramps
Dart-Rees; Earnslaw Burn; Steele Creek; Cascade Saddle; Five Pass; Lake Nerine; Theatre Flat; Route Burn; Caples; ...

Lake Unknown
Wanaka area
 •  Matukituki: East Branch
Glacier Burn; Junction Flat; Aspiring Flat; Mount Sisyphus; Ruth Flat; Rabbit Pass.
 •  Matukituki: West Branch
Rob Roy Valley; Aspiring Hut; Pearl Flat; Valley head; Liverpool Bivvy; French Ridge Hut; Cascade Saddle.

 •  Day Tramps
 •  Earl Mountains
 •  Hump Ridge
 •  Kepler Mountains
 •  Moraine Creek
 •  Milford Track
 •  Mt Titiroa

Ngatimamoe Peak
Rakiura (Stewart Island)
 •  Various.
 •  Lake Adelaide  •  Lake Hauroko
 •  Lake McKerrow  •  Lake Manapouri
 •  Lake Te Anau  •  Lake Wakatipu


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I find nature very beautiful. I don't like just to go and have a look at a scene. If you really want to enjoy the view from a mountain, you have to climb it on foot. To see nature, you have to walk. As in mathematics, in order to take pleasure in nature --- and nature is a beautiful source of pleasure --- you have to do some work.
-- Pierre Deligne

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