Photos of the New Zealand Mountains - J.S. Milne

Follow animal trails through the bluffs. Moir's Guide Book

Nelson Mountains
 •  Walks near Golden Bay
 •  Motueka River Valley
 •  Nelson Lakes

Hinapouri Tarn
 •  2004/2005  •  2005/2006
 •  2006/2007  •  2007/2008
 •  2008/2009  •  2009/2010
 •  2010/2011  •  2011/2012
 •  2012/2013  •  2013/2014
 •  2014/2015  •  2015/2016
 •  2016/2017  •  2017/2018

Fork Hut, Huxley
Haast/West Coast
 •  Brewster Hut and Mt. Armstrong
 •  Copland Valley
 •  Mount Fox
 •  Walks

Kea on Mt Fox
Canterbury Mountains
 •  Arthur's Pass
 •  Aoraki/Mt Cook
 •  Huxley Valley
 •  Mount Somers
 •  Temple Stream

Footstool in winter
Wakatipu area
 •  Day Tramps
Mount Alfred; Sugar Loaf Peak; Scott Creek; Glacier Burn; Kea Basin; Lake Rere; ...

 •  Multi-day Tramps
Dart-Rees; Earnslaw Burn; Steele Creek; Cascade Saddle; Five Pass; Lake Nerine; Theatre Flat; Route Burn; Caples; ...

Lake Unknown
Wanaka area
 •  Matukituki: East Branch
Glacier Burn; Junction Flat; Aspiring Flat; Mount Sisyphus; Ruth Flat; Rabbit Pass.

 •  Matukituki: West Branch
Rob Roy Valley; Aspiring Hut; Pearl Flat; Valley head; Liverpool Bivvy; French Ridge Hut; Cascade Saddle.

 •  Day Tramps
 •  Earl Mountains
 •  Hump Ridge
 •  Kepler Mountains
 •  Monowai and Green Lakes
 •  Moraine Creek
 •  Milford Track
 •  Mt Titiroa

Ngatimamoe Peak
Rakiura (Stewart Island)
 •  Various.
 •  Diamond Lake  •  Lake Adelaide
 •  Lake Hauroko  •  Lake McKerrow
 •  Lake Manapouri  •  Lake Monowai
 •  Lake Te Anau  •  Lake Wakatipu


In New Zealand, move left (not right!) to avoid oncoming traffic.
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I find nature very beautiful. I don't like just to go and have a look at a scene. If you really want to enjoy the view from a mountain, you have to climb it on foot. To see nature, you have to walk. ... in order to take pleasure in nature ... you have to do some work.
-- Pierre Deligne

Viewing mountains from a helicopter is like viewing the Louvre from a motor scooter --- you glimpse just enough to know what you have missed, while damaging the experience for everyone else.

Noise from sightseeing helicopters is an increasing problem everywhere. For example, when New York City spent $2,000,000,000 constructing riverside parks and isolating them from traffic noise, it found that the parks were plagued by a constant stream of low-flying tourist helicopters. Denali is the most wilderness-like national park in North America, but nowhere in the park is it possible to expect quiet. Where once tourists rented cars to view celebrity homes, they now rent helicopters to hover low over them. The problem is that no one has to pay for noise pollution. As every economist will tell you, that inevitably leads to more noise pollution (in the absence of ethical standards).

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