Click on thumbnail to view a larger version. Be wary of all the bigger lakes --- they can get very rough very quickly, and they are cold (10C).

Diamond Lake and Creek (head of Wakatipu)

It is possible to kayak from the parking spot at Diamond Lake (off the Glenorchy - Paradise road) to the parking spot at Diamond Creek (off the Glenorchy - Kinloch road).

NZ3400 NZ3403 NZ3405
Diamond Lake Diamond Creek Diamond Creek

Lake Adelaide (Moraine Creek)

NZ1293 NZ1296 NZ1297 NZ1299 NZ1305
Sabre North North Cliffs Cliffs

Lake Hauroko

The photos were taken on a trip to Teal Bay to climb to the Hump Ridge (see hr).

NZ1332 NZ1336 NZ1338 NZ1339 NZ1343
Teal Bay Sunrise Fog Sun Fog and sun

Lake McKerrow (Hollyford)

NZ0625 NZ0626 NZ0634 NZ0636
Lake McKerrow Lake McKerrow Demon Trail Hut Lake McKerrow

Lake Manapouri

The Monument (466m) is a magnificent viewpoint, reached in 2 hours from Pearl Harbour by kayak plus 1 hour on a good track.
NZ2496 NZ2517 NZ2500 NZ2504 NZ2505
The Monument Beach Track North Beach
NZ2511 NZ2516 NZ2521 NZ2523 NZ2525
Hope Arm Titiroa Point Beehive Mahara Island
The photos below were taken on a trip from Supply Bay to Hope Arm to climb Mount Titiroa (see
NZ1071 NZ1072 NZ1074
Beach Mahara Island Hope Arm

Lake Monowai

The photos were taken on a trip to Rodger Inlet to climb to P1315,
NZ3443 NZ3445 NZ3446 NZ3450
P1315 Rodger Inlet Hut At Rodger Inlet

Lake Te Anau

The photos were taken on a trip from near the Control Gates to climb Mount Luxmore kt and to walk the Hidden Lakes track to P454. From East Cove to P454 takes about 3 hours return, plus time for side trips. The track is generally well marked, but appears neglected, both by trampers and by DOC.
NZ2597 NZ2595 NZ2594 NZ2589 NZ2587 NZ2585
East Cove Hidden Lake Near boat dock Hidden Lake South Arm View point
NZ2603 NZ2604 NZ2605
Dome Island Point Dock Bay

Lake Wakatipu

Near Wilson Bay

NZ1638 NZ1640 NZ1642 NZ1650 NZ2492
Rata Rata West P385 Earnslaw

Pigeon Island

Photos taken on a trip by kayak from Twenty Five Mile Creek on the Queenstown-Glenorchy road to Pigeon Island, and then by foot on the loop track on Pigeon Island (15km by kayak; 5km walking).
NZ2387 NZ2391 NZ2395 NZ2396 NZ2398
Pig Island Pig Island Top Earnslaw Pig Island
NZ3436 NZ3437 NZ3439
Pigeon Island Pig Island Lake head

Pigeon Island to the Head of Lake Wakatipu

NZ0993 NZ0998
Head Blanket Bay

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