Sleepy Hollow (above Caples)   

A small lake above the Caples Valley at 1700m. It can be reached in a 2-3 day trip from the Greenstone car park, or as part of a Steele Creek or Caples/Greenstone trip. In mid-March 2015, there was water in two tarns in the flat area above the bush.

Walk Time Total Comments
Greenstone car park to Caples crossing 4h 4h Track
Caples to camp sites above bush 4h 8h Bush
To Sleepy Hollow 4h return 12h Tussock; scree; rock
Valley 3h 15h
Car park 4h 19h
Moir's Guide North (2013) p30.


NZ3166 NZ3168 NZ3169 NZ3170 NZ3173
Caples To Sleepy Hollow Caples Above bush Christina
NZ3177 NZ3181 NZ3183 NZ3186 NZ3187
Bonpland Sunrise On ridge Storm clouds Tooth Peak

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