Huxley Valley   

A fine tramping area north of Lake Ohau, with the possibility of some easy peaks.

Where Track Time
Road end to Monument hut (Hopkins)  Farm track 1h by bike; 2h by foot
Monument Hut to Huxley forks hut Flats and track  3h low water; 3.5h high water
Fork to Broderick hut in north branch Track 3h
Fork to bivvy in south branch Track 3h


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NZ1900 NZ1931 NZ0746 NZ1905 NZ0436 NZ1929
Hopkins Waterfall Hopkins Huxley Forks hut Huxley

North Branch of the Huxley

NZ1906 NZ0430 NZ0743
N. Branch Mt Mackenzie N. Branch

South Branch of the Huxley

NZ1909 NZ1914 NZ1918 NZ1919 NZ1927
Boanerges S. Branch S. Branch Rapids Bivvy

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