Matukituki -- East Branch   

This spectacular valley is about one hour from Wanaka. MAP

Walk Time Refs Trips
a Glacier Burn 2-4h return from track start MN p.83
Marked track; unmarked track photos
b Junction Flat 3h from road (Cameron Flat) MN p.83
Camp; Mt. Dragonfly (13h) photos
c Aspiring Flat 1h from Junction Flat MN pp.83,87
Camp; explore valley; Rainbow Valley; Mt. Sisyphus photos
d Ruth flat 6h from Junction Flat MN p.83-85 Camp; Rabbit Pass (10h); Mount Lois (11h) photos

Add 30min each way to b unless river is low

MN = Moir's Guide North (available from DOC).
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When the river is low, the valley is reached by crossing the West Matukituki at Cameron flat. Otherwise cross at the footbridge 2.5km up the road. Travel to Glacier Burn is on farmland, and is most pleasant by mountain bike.

a. Glacier Burn

The marked track starts about 100m south of Glacier Burn, climbs over a spur, and drops to the burn (1hr). There is a good campsite here, and distant views of the head of the valley. Better views can be had by continuing up valley in the bush on the true right of the burn (serious trampers only). Follow an unmarked track. When that ends, continue across a small gulley, and climb about 25m up an easy spur to a flat shelf. Follow the shelf up (no tracks, but easy travel except for windfalls).
NZ2230 NZ2227 NZ2222 NZ2224 NZ2234 NZ2239
Valley head Avalanche Avalanche Mildewed Meg Rock Gorge

b.To Junction Flat

NZ1555 NZ1218 NZ2025 NZ0816
W Matukituki Bluff E Matukituki E Matukituki
NZ2027 NZ2030 NZ2031 NZ2084
E Matukituki Camp E Matukituki Junction Flat

c. Aspiring Flat (Kitchener Valley)

NZ2080 NZ1557 NZ3268 NZ0825
Kitchener valley Sisyphus Sisyphus Head
NZ0831 NZ3289 NZ0832 NZ0834
Fastness Pk Fastness Pk Up Kitchener Down Kitchener

Head of Kitchener

From the flat, it is possible to walk to the head of the valley (but travel becomes difficult near the head).
NZ3276 NZ3287 NZ3280 NZ3281 NZ3284
Head Head Head Head Nest

Rainbow valley; towards Mt Sisyphus

NZ3273 NZ3272 NZ1567 NZ1568 NZ1569 NZ1572 NZ1581
Bush Avalanche snow Fastness face Sisyphus bush Waterfall Down Rainbow Up Rainbow

Ridge of Mt Sisyphus

NZ2439 NZ2440 NZ2441 NZ2445 NZ2447 NZ2448
Sisyphus ridge Pope's Nose Moncrief Peak Sisyphus ridge Dragonfly Pk Scrub
NZ2452 NZ2455 NZ2456 NZ2464 NZ2466 NZ2472
Scrub Fastness Pk Kitchener Head Kitchener Head Sisyphus ridge Sunrise

d. Ruth Flat

NZ2034 NZ1229 NZ2036 NZ2041
Lower valley Kitchener Ruth flat Ruth flat
NZ2045 NZ1235 NZ1240 NZ2076
Camp Sisyphus route Ruth stream Ruth flat

Towards the head of the East Matukituki and Rabbit Pass

NZ2047 NZ2053 NZ2059 NZ2064
Hut Waterfall Picklehaube peak Picklehaube peak
NZ2066 NZ2074 NZ2075
Valley top Valley top Sisyphus

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