Earl Mountains   

This range is north of Lake Te Anau, and is easily accessible from the Milford road.

Tramp Time Refs Notes
Hut Creek 4h to head MS p.192
Mistake Creek 3.5h to top of track MS p.191
Falls creek 4.5h to tarn at head  MS p.190
Track; scrub; open valley. photos
Glade Pass

Dore Pass

MN = Moir's Guide North (available from DOC).
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Each of valleys, Hut Creek, Mistake Creek, and Falls Creek, can be done as day trips, but each merits more time. Campsites are easy to find on the flats above the bush. The valleys are linked by passes. The tracks into the valleys through the bush are generally well marked, but indifferently maintained. Crossing Mistake Creek is difficult after rain, which is not uncommon --- see the photos.

Hut Creek

Hut Creek

Mistake Creek

NZ1706 NZ1708 NZ1714 NZ1841 NZ2892 NZ1847
Track Up valley Ford Ford Ford Camp
NZ2927 NZ2928 NZ2930 NZ1854 NZ1855 NZ1877
Hanging valley Valley head West branch Ngatimamoe Forest Waterfall

Head of valley

It is about a three hour walk from the start of the flats to the tarn at the head of the valley and back.
NZ1851 NZ2910 NZ2912 NZ2916 NZ2920
Valley head Down valley Tarn Putangitangi Down valley

East branch (hanging valley under Consolation Peak)

NZ2922 NZ2893 NZ2904 NZ2903 NZ2896 NZ2901
Bush climb Flat Top Ngatimamoe Pk Hanging valley Hanging valley Consolation Pk

West branch (to U Pass).
NZ2902 NZ1862 NZ1865 NZ1872
West branch Consolation Peak Waterfall Consolation Peak

Falls Creek

The track to the bushline is overgrown with tree falls, and so takes longer than advertised, but is generally well marked. Above the bush there is about 100 metres of dense subalpine scrub, after which travel to the head of the valley is good. Camping is possible on a small flat in the bush at about 820m, and on the flat above the bush.
NZ2265 NZ2241 NZ2245 NZ2249 NZ2251
Falls Pyramid Pk Pyramid Pk Ngatimamoe Pk Creek
NZ2253 NZ2256 NZ2263 NZ2264
Consolation Peak Tarn Valley head Emily Pk

Glade Pass

NZ0307 NZ0308 NZ0310 NZ0312 NZ0313
To Glade Pass To Glade Pass U Pass Glade Burn Glade Burn
Notes: The climb to Glade Pass is steep, but there is plenty of vegetation to hang onto (so long as the last vegetated strip remains). You will have no problem losing the track in Glade Burn --- there isn't one. However, deer trails and the stream bed can be used for a fairly easy descent. From a campsite near Glade Burn and the Dore Pass track, it is possible to walk to the Mackinnon Pass and back in a long summer day (see
here). .

Dore Pass

NZ0333 NZ0336 NZ0337 NZ0338
Dore Pass Glade valley Lake Te Anau Clinton River
Caution: Dore Pass is used by helicopters supplying the Milford track. The day I crossed the pass, there was a constant stream of helicopters hurtling over the pass with their loads swinging below. Instead of enjoying an leisurely lunch on the pass, I could only cover my ears, keep my head down, and get over as quickly as possible.

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