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Course Notes
Group Theory
Fields and Galois Theory
Algebraic Geometry
Algebraic Number Theory
Modular Functions and Modular Forms
Elliptic Curves -- see books.
Abelian Varieties
Lectures on Etale Cohomology
Class Field Theory
Complex Multiplication
Basic Theory of Affine Group Schemes
Lie Algebras, Algebraic Groups, and Lie Groups
Reductive Groups

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This is a course on Class Field Theory, roughly along the lines of Artin and Tate and of the articles of Serre and Tate in Cassels-Fröhlich, except that the notes are more detailed and cover more.


  1. Local Class Field Theory: Lubin-Tate Extensions
  2. Cohomology of Groups.
  3. Local Class Field Theory Continued.
  4. Brauer Groups
  5. Global Class Field Theory: Statements
  6. L-series and the Density of Primes
  7. Global Class Field Theory: Proofs
  8. Complements (Power reciprocity laws; quadratic forms; etc.)


The algebra usually covered in first-year graduate courses and a course in algebraic number theory (for example, my online notes).


v2.01; first version on the web.
v3.10; May 6, 1997; substantially revised and expanded from v2.01; index; 222 pages.
v4.00; March 2, 2008; corrected, revised, and expanded; 287 pages.
v4.01; May 30, 2011; corrected; 287 pages.
v4.02; March 23, 2013; corrected; 289 pages.

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