Theatre Flat   

A popular trip is to walk in to Theatre Flat and camp there. From Theatre Flat, there are excellent day trips to Park Pass and to the ridge overlooking Lake Unknown. The trip starts at the car park for the Lake Sylvan track, off the Routeburn road, and ends at the car park for the Routeburn track. All routes are well described in Moir's Guide North. See also Groves, Weekend Tramps.

Time Refs Comments
To Theatre Flat from the Lake Sylvan car park 7 hours MN p46 Good track
Return via Sugarloaf Pass 6 hours MN p45 Good track
MN = Moir's Guide North (2005) (available from DOC).
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(07.12.15) The bridge over the Rock Burn below Theatre Flat is in a very dangerous state. It may be possible to bypass the bridge by fording the Rock Burn at one of the flats lower down and bushwacking on the true-left or by continuing to Theatre flat on the true-right and fording there.

Theatre Flat

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Rock Burn Rock Burn Theatre Flat Pluto

Upper Rock Burn; Park Pass

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Upper Rock Burn Upper Rock Burn

Lake Unknown

The climb to the ridge overlooking Lake Unknown is more difficult than the other routes on this page. The photos were all taken from near the ridge.
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Lake Unknown Lake Unknown Lake Unknown Mt Nox Theatre Flat Theatre Flat

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