Twenty Five Mile Creek (Rees Valley)   

From the Rees, it is possible to ascend the Twenty Five Mile valley to the Twenty Five Mile saddle, which takes you back to the Rees above Shelter Rock Hut. Cleft Peak is accessible from the route.

Time Refs Comments
Rees valley to Twenty-Five Mile Saddle 8 hours MN p51
Saddle to the Rees valley. 2 hours MN p52
MN = Moir's Guide North (2005) (available from DOC).
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The times are those in Moir's Guide North (2005). Mine were slower --- I found much more scrub and fewer animal trails than suggested by the description in Moir's. Some of the scrub between the bush and the flats in the Twenty Five Mile can be avoided by climbing to a shelf at about 1100m.

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NZ2423 NZ2421 NZ2419 NZ2417 NZ2406
Earnslaw Osonzac Twins Earnslaw Head Peak Big Devil Hut
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Rapids Flat Down Valley Sunrise Head

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