Dart -- Margaret Burn -- Seal Col -- P2073.   

It is possible to reach Seal Col (1911m), between the Dart and Joe valleys, by crossing the Dart on the bridge near Daleys Flat Hut and ascending the spur on the true left of the Margaret Burn (bush, tussock, easy snow). The peak (P2073) to the west of Seal Col can also be reached on easy snow.

Time Total Refs Comments
a Road to bridge near Daleys Hut 5h 5h Good track
b Bush line (1120m) 4h 9h Boulders, then bush
c Seal Col (1911m) 4h 13h MN p126 Tussock, then snow
d Down and out 11h 24h Snow, bush, boulders, track
MN = Moir's Guide North (available from DOC).
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Dart valley Bridge Bush Down Dart
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Morning Johansen Pk Up Dart Johansen Pk
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Fog Margaret Glacier Camp Across Dart

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