Multi-Day Tramps --- Upper Lake Wakatipu   

Dart-Rees Area
Dart/Rees 4-5 info Very popular (but still closed March 2016) Good track MN p.46
Earnslaw Burn 2 info Good track up valley; return by easy tussock ridge. MN p.62
Lennox Pass 2 info Between Rees Valley and Earnslaw Burn. Unmarked route. MN p.62
Seal Col 2 info Side trip from Daleys Hut in Dart Valley. Untracked bush, snow. MN p.147
Twenty-Five Mile Creek 2 info Rees Valley Animal trails through bluffs MN p.56
Cascade Saddle to Rees 4-5 info Matukituki-Dart-Rees. Steep track, side streams.
Beans Burn to Route Burn
Five Pass 4-5 info Classic tramp in remote area. Rough tracks; open tussock; snow.
Three Pass (Lake Nerine) 2-3 info From Rock Burn to North Route Burn Track; steep snow grass; snow.
Theatre Flat (Rock Burn) 2-3 info Day trips from Flat to Lake Unknown and Park Pass. Good track to flat.
Route Burn to Greenstone
Route Burn/Caples/Greenstone 2-3 info Various possibilities Good tracks
Lake Wilson; V. of Trolls 2 info Various possibilities Off track
Scott-Kay-Fraser-Emily 3-4 info Four valleys; two cols Snow possible; Emily steep.
Caples-Kay-Scott 2-3 info Three valleys; one col. Tracks; tussock.
Steele Creek 2-3 info Between Greenstone and Caples Track/snow grass
Sleepy Hollow 2-3 info Small lake above Caples at 1700m Track/bush/scree/rock
Home Hill Crossing 2 info Unmarked crossing from Greenstone to Caples Bush, tussock, scrub MN p.29
Whakaari Area 1-2 info Stay overnight (hut or camp) for evening views.
Mt Crichton 1-2 info Tramping peak
MN = Moir's Guide North 2013 (available from DOC).


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