Home Hill Crossing (Greenstone to Caples)   

This is an unmarked crossing from the Greenstone valley to the Caples. It is a two-day trip from the Greenstone car park. From the grassy area before Slip Stream, head into the bush passing P465 and P998 to reach the stream west of Home Hill at about 960m (at a small junction). There are campsites here. Continue up the stream, avoiding waterfalls by staying above the stream on its true-left. Pass above P1167 and continue to the pass at P1312. Drop down to the top of the bush and sidle past Home Hill Hut to the main spur of Home Hill. Descend the spur to the Caples valley.
Moir's Guide North (2013), p.27. MAP


NZ3352 NZ3353 NZ3354 NZ3356 NZ3358 NZ3360
Tooth Peaks Waterfall Greenstone Home Hill Camp Pass
NZ3362 NZ3364 NZ3365 NZ3368 NZ3369 NZ3371
From Pass Route Across Caples Home Hill Hut Caples Pig Island
NZ3392 NZ3390 NZ3383
Across Caples Caples Home Hill

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