A popular four-day tramp at the head of Lake Wakatipu. No camping is allowed between the Dart Hut and Shelter Rock Hut, but otherwise there is good camping near the huts and on the flats in the two valleys. In good weather, a day trip to the Cascade saddle from near the Dart Hut is well worthwhile. The trip is well described in Moir's Guide North except that, because of the massive slip in January 2014, it takes an hour longer to reach Daleys flat hut from the road. See also Barnett, Tramping in New Zealand.
Update: In January 2015, the river washed away additional sections of the old track, and DOC closed the Dart track between Bedford Stream and Daleys Flat Hut (14 Jan 2015). A year after the slip happened, DOC still hasn't reliably repaired the track. Latest word (November 2015) is that the track won't re-open before the end of January 2016.

Time Total Refs Comments
Chinamans bluff to Daleys flat hut 5 hours 5 hours MN This section closed until at least 31.01.16.
Daleys flat hut to Dart hut 7 hours 13 hours MN Good track
Dart hut to Shelter Rock hut 5 hours 18 hours MN Good track (sometimes snowy)
Shelter Rock hut to Muddy creek 6 hours 24 hours MN Good track, boggy in places
MN = Moir's Guide North (2013) (available from DOC).
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Dart-Rees in Summer

The following photos were taken during a four day trip in early January 2015.
NZ3028 NZ3029 NZ3030 NZ3037 NZ3038 NZ3039
Paradise Pluto Down Dart Pluto Slip New lake
NZ3042 NZ3044 NZ3046 NZ3055 NZ3054 NZ3057
Cattle flat From campsite Whitbourn valley Mt Edward Cataract From campsite
NZ3061 NZ3063 NZ3067 NZ3071 NZ3072 NZ3108
Rees saddle Tarn Down Rees From campsite Side stream Earnslaw
NZ3110 NZ3075 NZ3074
Rees Rees Paradise

Dart-Rees in Winter (August 2007)

NZ0208 NZ0515 NZ0523
Head of Dart Rees Saddle Rees Valley

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