Return from Pangpema across Mirgin La

Day 24. (November 24, 1998). Walked to Kambachen

Ang Dorje Sherpa shares his biscuits with two `half porters' --- half size, half load, half pay.

Day 25. To Ghunsa

View down the valley on the return to Ghunsa.

The monastery at Ghunsa.

Day 26. To camp below Mirgin La (Pass) c4200m.

Day 27. Crossed Mirgin La to Tseram.

View of Jannu 7710m from near Mirgin La.

Kabru 7338m, the peak immediately south of Kangchenjunga

Day 28. Ang Dorje and I walked up to Ramze.

Day 29. Walked to Oktang for views of the south face of Kangchenjunga; returned to Ramze

Prayer flags and the south face of Kangchenjunga.

Day 30. To Tseram, and descended to yak herders hut near the Lassi La.

From Tseram we walked for a day and a half through dense forests before we reached our first village.

Day 31. To Mamankhe.

Day 32. To Kari La

Day 33. To Lali Kharke


Day 34. To Suketar (airport)

Day 35. Walked down to Taplejung and back.

Day 36. Flew to Biritnagar and Kathmandu.

The plane was a welcome sight. Return to start....

Copyright 1998 J.S.Milne.